ChargeCalc is an innovative and unique software suite for cost effective charge optimization and melt correction. ChargeCalc consist of two modular packages, AdjCalc for optimizing an existing melt and ProdCalc for charging a new melt.

AdjCalc - Cost optimizing Melt Correction

  • Calculates the least expensive way to correct an existing melt
  • Stand alone or integrated with an analysis system
  • Element limits and target
  • Linear relation formulas for elements.
  • Stock limits and inventory
  • Yield factors
  • Furnace sizes
  • and more


ProdCalc - Melt Design and Scheduling

  • Includes AdjCalc and dependent modules
  • Calculate the least expensive way to charge a furnace
  • Stand alone or integrated with spectrometer
  • Fixed absolute or relative amounts of source material
  • Production scheduling
  • Melt design in advance
  • Production log
  • Sample identification transfer to Spectro instruments for full automation
  • Return material and remaining melt in the furnace


Technical Notes

  • Runs in Win 10, Win 8, XP, down to NT4 SP6.
  • IT Resource efficent
  • Local (S Version) or network (N version) distributed installation.
  • No limits for number of furnaces, products or source materials.
  • Integration with instruments that export analysis data in various result formats such as TPC/IP, .xml, .asc
  • The following sources are supported for input of analysis results:
    • Hitachi
    • Bruker
    • Spectro Ametek
    • Thermo Fisher/ARL
    • Arun Technology
    • Manual Input
    • Other connections are available on demand.

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