Innovative and unique software product's for charge optimization and correction.

AdjCalc - Cost optimising Melt Correction

  • Calculates the least expensive way to correct a composition
  • Stand alone or integrated with an analysis system.
  • Furnace sizes
  • Element limits or target
  • Linear relation formulas for elements.
  • Stock limits
  • Yield factors


ProdCalc - Cost optimising Melt Design and Correction

  • Calculates the least expensive way to charge a furnace.
  • Stand alone or integrated with other modules. Fixed relative amounts of source material
  • Fixed absolute or relative amounts of source material.

Production Control

  • Production planning
  • Melt design in advance
  • Log actions on melt
  • Production log
  • Integration of Charge Calc modules.
  • Sample data transfer to Spectro instruments.


Included Extensions

  • Return material manager
  • Remaining melt in furnace

Technical Notes

  • Optimisation using dual simplex method.
  • Runs in Win 10, Win 8, down to NT4 SP6.
  • Locally or distributed over a TCP/IP network.
  • Yield factors both source material specific and product specific.
  • Source material organized in source groups.
  • No limits for number of furnaces, products or source material.
  • Integeration with Spectro, ARL and instruments that export analysis data.

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