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ChargeCalc Adjustment Calculation

This is the basic version and contains everything needed to correct a melt after an analysis: Database administration, analysis input and calculation module.The databases contain input data for the calculations: specifications for the product, the source material properties, furnace size, and analysis result.The specifications are maintained with the database administrator.The following instruments are supported as source for analysis results:
  • Arun Technology (logfile).
  • Quantron (TCP/IP).
  • Spectro SparkAnalyzer (serial line, transmission file and TCP/IP).
  • Spectro SparkAnalyzer Vision (TCP/IP).
  • Thermo/ARL (serial line and TCP/IP using Compac format).
  • Manual input.
Other connections are available on demand.

Adjustment Calculation

When an analysis result has arrived to the charge calculation system, this adjustment window opens. It is possible to configure the response that only selected results will be displayed. You can also have a computer at each furnace, configured to react only on relevant results.


Database Administration

The DBAdm utility is used for setting all product and source material specifications.

DBAdmin Products Tab

System Parameters

SysUtil is used for telling the system where to find files, how things should be displayed and general calculation settings.

System Parameters Adjustment Tab